Friday, 27 August 2010

Mrs Vincent Price

Out of the blue, there is an appreciation of Coral Browne (1913-1991) by John Amis. I have long thought that Mr Amis should publish a book dedicated to the bons mots of Sir Thomas Beecham, for whom he had been a musical dogsbody. Clearly, he could do the same service for Coral Browne. I can, however, add to those on his blog a couple of her put-downs related on Ned Sherrin's radio programme - the first by her second husband, Vincent Price, shortly after their marriage, the second, if I recall correctly, by the lady herself on a later visit.

To a house-guest, inspecting the modern art at the Prices' California home, enquiring, in a scornful tone, the title of a piece: "It's called: we like it".

When the box-office clerk at a local theatre told her that on the night she wanted a pair of tickets for a particular production that there weren't any to be had. "Charlton Heston is in it, you know" Carefully timed pause, then Ms Browne responded: "How about after the interval?"

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