Monday, 16 August 2010

Open-cast coal

BBC yesterday reported that the British Geological Survey predicts an increase in open-casting greenfield sites in the UK, because of our seemingly insatiable demand for power. Perhaps the Beeb is hyping the story somewhat, as "Countryfile" last night featured an item on open-cast coal. There is no corroboration on the BGS web-site, though there are some interesting statistics which show a gradual increase from a low in 2007.

A large slice of current production, and that in the immediate future, comes from Neath Port Talbot. We, as a council, have given Celtic Energy permission to extend their operations centred on the former Selar farm. I am told by one of the local councillors that the company's operation of the site, and their adherence to the conditions imposed for its restoration, are a model.

However, we must not let our standards slip. What can happen when the democratic process is subverted by large commercial interests is illustrated by the allegations of residents of mountain country in the states of Kentucky and West Virginia. There is a Huffington Post article on the subject.

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Frank H Little said...

Meanwhile, the Independent reports that Corus is pressing ahead with plans to develop a deep mine on its land in the county borough.