Monday, 4 July 2016

Standing up for the ordinary spiv

Nigel Farage's Brexit victory speech rings hollow. The privately-educated son of a stockbroker did not feel sufficiently connected to the ordinary people, the decent people, to take up manual labour or menial employment in a worthy profession. Instead, he went into commodities trading (or speculating with other people's money, as some might see it).

The true winners from Brexit will be the financial operators who will no longer be subject to regulation from the EU.

Farage's xenophobia may be real as Alix Mortimer fears, or it may simply have been a cynical pitch to the racist element in our society in order to boost the Leave.EU vote. After all, neither of his two wives were English-born. The test will be if he accepts an arrangement with Brussels which permits free movement but excludes any outside regulation of the UK's financial institutions. If he is true to his rhetoric, nothing but a clean break with the EU would be good enough for him and for UKIP.

[Later: I seem to have my answer: - but of course Farage has resigned and unresigned once before.]

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