Tuesday, 5 July 2016


This is the RSPB's call for help for what used to be one of the iconic birds of high summer. The charity identifies lack of nest-sites in England and Wales as one of the reasons for the decline. I doubt that this is a major factor round here. There have been few changes in the built environment in Skewen and Neath Abbey, yet the number of swifts has dropped markedly. Indeed, I have seen or heard none so far this year, and cannot remember any in 2015 either. Borough-wide, the council's planners have been doing their bit in requiring swift facilities in developments where appropriate.

But if you have been luckier, please let the RSPB know.


Stan said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen quite a few swifts this year, Frank. My dog has been divebombed by them while swimming in the river near Ynysbwllog Agueduct, near Ynysarwed. They are a splendid sight on this part of the river where they are also accompanied by house martins and swallows. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the swifts the totally black ones, slightly larger than the other two, with wings swept back in that characteristic v-fashion - and they scream? If so - I've definitely seen them.

Frank Little said...

Good spot, Stan! Please let the RSPB know.

They used to be a regular feature in Skewen and Neath Abbey, but I cannot remember seeing or hearing them for the last two years. The swallows and martins are back at Longford Farm (I always walk up there in early summer to check) but I have seen no swifts.