Saturday, 30 May 2009

What is driving no2eu?

Freedom Central has already reported on a Welsh TUC Euro hustings from which Liberal Democrats were excluded but to which no2eu was invited. (I trust that the Electoral Commission has made a note of the fact that the event was not inclusive and expects declarations of expenditure from the parties involved.)

Now I have seen the no2eu party election broadcast. It features several trade unionists inveighing against the EU and European Parliament.

Such things as directives on health and safety, working time, agency workers and combatting ageism in the workplace are important for the lives of working people. They would not have been implemented in the UK if we hadn't signed the Maastricht treaty and subsequently the Social Chapter. Indeed, New Labour has obstructed the implementation of at least one of the directives until the last moment.

One expects opposition to the EU from Conservative backers, who are keen to exploit the common European market while getting away with lower employment standards. It is strange to see trade unionists standing shoulder to shoulder with them.

[Later] I see that no2eu is strongly backed by the Communist Party Enough said.


Anonymous said...

There are quite a few "fringe" partys that are against the EU, not just the likes of UKIP or the BNP

Anonymous said...

There were no Wales TUC hustings from which the Lib Dems (or anyone else) were excluded. There was a fringe meeting at the Wales TUC conference organised and paid for by No2EU. Very well attended, as it happens ...

Frank H Little said...

Seems to be a disparity of evidence here. Can anyone at Freedom Central help?