Wednesday, 6 May 2009

World Asthma Day

This seems to have passed by not only UK media, but also the world's press, judging by several web searches yesterday and this morning. Full marks to Liz Perkins of the South Wales Evening Post for a story headlined "Mum tells of asthma son's school misery", linked to World Asthma Day and an Asthma UK Cymru report released during these 8 days of putting asthma in the limelight. Liz Perkins reports on a 5-year-old boy in Neath who does not have informed support at his current school for his severe asthma. Consequently, his mother is seeking a new placement for him.
(Lower than top marks to the Evening Post for not putting the report on their web pages as well as in the print edition. Could it be because the story was not centred on Swansea?)

Government health organisations and QuANGOs round the world have risen to the challenge. There are too many to cite here; just give "World Asthma Day 2009" to your favourite search engine and see.

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