Thursday, 26 May 2016

Another day, another academic report on Brexit

This report from Sheffield University's Faculty of Social Sciences (no doubt already painted by Nigel Farage as stooges of local MP Nick Clegg) points up the differing effects on the nations and regions of the UK in the event of Brexit.

Analysis of EU structural funds, which support regional economic development in EU member states, shows they are unevenly distributed across the UK’s regions. The UK’s poorest regions, particularly the North of England, Wales and the South West, tend to receive a higher level of funding than more prosperous regions in the south and east of England.

In a separate report, analysis of manufacturing exports from the UK’s regions to the EU shows how different areas have significantly different ‘trade in goods’ relationships with the EU. It also suggests that poorer regions (Northern Ireland, the North East and the South West) are most dependent on the UK's current ability to export manufactured goods and trade with the EU with relatively few restrictions.

It is yet further evidence that it is in Wales's interest to vote "Remain" in the poll which is about to open.

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