Saturday, 14 May 2016

Electors trembling on the brink of leaving the EU

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There are several groups aiming to resist the tide, including one sponsored by Boris Johnson's father

Targeted on the country’s 2 million higher and further education students, this is a crucial campaign to ensure they register and go out and vote on June 23. Young people are concerned that the over 50s will make their decision for them and that their voice will be under-represented. All social media links available from twitter @students4europe

Irish for Europe
The campaign will mobilise the 600,000 Irish-born people now living and working in Britain with a vote, as well as three million UK citizens who identify as Irish. The Irish are keen Europeans who appreciate the EU’s role in the peace process. All social media links available from twitter @Irish4Europe

Environmentalists for Europe
Led by Stanley Johnson and Barbara Young, this will target 4.5 million people who are members of environmental organisations, and work to drive home the message that the environment is safer within the EU.  All social media links from twitter @Env4Eur
Creatives for Europe
With over 2.8 jobs in the creative industries – larger than the automotive sector –  there are few in the sector who do not value the relationship with Europe, This group will be organising events throughout the country working with Equity, the NUJ and others. All social media links from twitter @creative4europe
Graphics and text courtesy of the European Movement.
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