Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The EU debate has reached the dead cat stage

Both Boris Johnson and David Cameron are or have been advised by Lynton Crosby, who advises throwing a metaphorical dead cat on the table if you feel you are losing the argument. Boris's dead cat was the outrageous comparison of the EU to Hitler. David Cameron has responded with the view that Da'esh would welcome Brexit.

Tom Peck has a good response to the latter. I particularly liked his hypothetical video by al-Baghdadi:

The Isis social media team are furious. Vote Leave are threatening to sue. Al-Baghdadi himself has been been forced into rushing out his latest propaganda video weeks ahead of time. You can watch it on youtube now.
“My Muslim brothers, join the Holy War for the prawn cocktail crisp!” you can hear him shout, as he rides a tank up and down the side of a giant EU butter mountain in the desert. “As mighty Allah told the Prophet Muhammad, ‘Do not eat the infidel's straight banana!"
The crackle of unregulated Kalashnikovs rises in the background, as jihadi fighters burn copies of the EU working time directive.
“Death, my Muslim Brothers! Death to the European Court of Human Rights, which bans the throwing of gays from the tops of buildings! In the name of Allah, avenge the transferral of national sovereignty to Brussels!”

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