Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Iain Duncan Smith is so convincing

When Iain Duncan Smith says that the European Union is on the side of the bankers and against the have-nots, and that these are bad things, you know you can believe him. After all, he was a minister from the start of the Conservative-led coalition which was so tough on bankers. Above all, he was always a standard-bearer for compassionate conservatism. He declared in a speech to the Conservative Conference in 2010:

I am honoured to be standing here today as David Cameron's Work & Pensions Secretary. It is also my privilege to be chairman of the newly-founded Cabinet committee on social justice. This Conservative-led government has concern for the poor running through its DNA.

 - and we all know how compassionate and concerned for the poor, particularly those in council houses, the Department for Work and Pensions has been since that date. He speaks from real experience of how the poor live.

We must assume that the rabid Europhile David Cameron chained IDS to his desk for six years so that he was unable to attend any ministerial councils in Brussels, thus preventing him from arguing the case for the same sort of compassion in the rest of Europe. In particular, he could have eased the burdens imposed by the evil puppet-masters in Germany.

How lucky we are to have the considerate, altruistic, clear-eyed vision of Iain Duncan Smith telling us how it really is!

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