Monday, 2 January 2017

EU's Erasmus+

European Parliament and Erasmus+

Loyal readers of this blog and of Liberal Voice may remember last year's campaign to save UK's access to Erasmus, even if we take ourselves out of other features of the EU umbrella. As far as I know, the outcome of that campaign is still hazy but if and until we formally leave the EU (in 2020 at the earliest), the programme will still be open to our students.

In this context, what appears to be a rationalisation of various EU initiatives in the fields of education and job creation looks progressive.

To boost jobs and growth for young people especially, the programme focuses on boosting individual learning, innovation and exchange of good educational practices and supporting European integration studies through the Jean Monnet sub-programme. To address the situation of young people outside the EU and to foster good relations, it also supports higher education in neighbouring and enlargement countries, and international exchanges. The programme supports the European Voluntary Service, involving an estimated 100 000 young people in international volunteering.
Contrary to the previous programme, sport activities are also now a focus of the Erasmus+ programme, with an allocation of €265 million for 2014-2020 to help improve the physical fitness of children and young people in the EU.

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