Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Jill Saward's self-sacrifice repaid in death

I cannot claim to have known Jill Saward, though I did correspond with her husband-to-be Gavin Drake when he was on CIx (the nearest thing to Facebook in those days when you accessed the Internet via a text-only interface). I do, however, remember the shock when I heard of the Ealing vicarage rape especially as I used to pass the parish church daily in my IT learning days (the old ICL computer training centre was situated in South Ealing Road). I was even more shocked when the Sun disgracefully publicised Jill Saward's details, as laid out in the latest Private Eye. Is it not odd that none of the mainstream media have recalled that appalling breach of privacy? Her response was not only brave but also of great comfort to fellow victims.

Now I learn, thanks to the Daily Post, that not only did she love (understandably) the Lleyn Peninsula, but she held herself back from buying a home there out of consideration for local young people. However, she willed that her mortal remains should be placed there.

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