Thursday, 19 January 2017

From fake news to fake questions

Nadine Dorries asserted in her sycophantic question to the prime minister yesterday that after Theresa May's speech (n.b., not made to Parliament) sterling had risen to its highest level for two years. At the time Dorries asked her question, the pound stood at just under $1.23 and €1.14 euros. In January 2015, the values were $1.5562 and 1.2787 respectively (from HMRC figures). There had been a brief spike to over $1.24, but this was due as much to a brief worldwide slide in dollar values as to Mrs May's clarification.

Nadine Dorries (Mid Bedfordshire) (Con)

May I congratulate the Prime Minister on her delivery yesterday of an historic, definitive, pragmatic, outward-looking speech that saw the pound rise to its highest level in two years and the FTSE up today? Does she agree that the strong and prosperous UK she has planned would be a nightmare for the Leader of the Opposition and the EU ruling class?

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