Thursday, 26 January 2017

Turning the clock back

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Russian calendar for 1917, pre-calendar reform and pre-revolutions
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I was wrong. In an earlier post, I assumed that Donald J Trump did not mean most of what he promised and that, being inexperienced at the top level of politics, he would have to bring in established advisers from within the system.

In the event, he is already not only fulfilling his promise to turn the clock back for US citizens (stifling Obamacare, restarting a devastating gas pipeline scheme, discriminating against Hispanics and so on) but also embarked on policies which may be bad for global trade and political stability. Things are moving so fast that it is not worth starting a list, but most frightening is his intention on moving the Tel Aviv embassy to Jerusalem and thus burke a two-state Palestine for the next four years.

Even more worrying are most of his selections for cabinet posts. It remains to be seen whether Congress, Republican-controlled though it is, will stomach all his choices.

Into the midst of this Theresa May will stroll, curl up on the White House carpet and wait to have her tummy tickled.

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