Sunday, 22 January 2017

Just what Swansea City needed

I was quietly confident that Paul Clement was the man for the job of Swansea City manager, as soon as I saw his c.v. He has at last brought confidence back to the team, both in themselves and the fact that he knew how to organise them. It was as much the manner of the victory over Liverpool yesterday as the scoreline that cheered those of us watching on the box and, more importantly, the faithful fans who travelled to Anfield.

I shall go out on a limb and say that Swans' major difficulty at the end of the season, when the team will finish in the middle of the table, or just above it, is to keep Paul Clement on board. If I am wrong, I will publicly apologise, just as Messrs Savage, Toshack and some other football pundits should do when they are proved wrong.

Savage: it would be a mistake if they appointed Clement, it's bizarre;

Toshack: Swansea City will be relegated from the Premier League; the credentials of Clement are questionable

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