Saturday, 22 July 2017

Reactions to electrification fudge

Railfuture is understandably disappointed:

Wales Online lists more responses here:

I found Alun Cairns' claims that the halt to electrification was actually a great leap forward quite specious. I fail to see what the bi-mode trains have in common with the Shinkansen apart from the country of origin and the vague physical likeness. If this was such an earth-shattering breakthrough, why was it not given full publicity together with an oral statement to the Commons or at least an answer to a planted question? It is almost certain that the decision was made some time ago but delayed until after the election in the hope of saving Conservative seats in south Wales and the Tory campaign in Bridgend. As it is, the attempt to dislodge Madeleine Moon was a dismal failure and they lost Gower. (Stephen Crabb managed to hang on in Preseli and I see he has been rewarded with the airy promise of an improved rail service to Carmarthen and Pembrokeshire.)

Adrian Masters clears the PR fog from what is undoubtedly a cynically broken promise.

Yesterday, it was confirmed that the Severn Bridge tolls will be removed next year. This will be a mixed blessing, and will add weight to the suspicion that the decision to curtail rail improvement is a concession to the road lobby.

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