Friday, 7 July 2017

Tories want BBC to become state broadcaster

Liam Fox and Andrea Leadsom have noticed, following the lead of Peter Bone, that the BBC has started to present a balanced view of Brexit now that Article 50 has been invoked. They clearly want to go back to the days when Nigel Farage was on our screens three times a day, when Euromyths were presented as fact and refutations thereof were described as "allegations". They must be happy with the general party political slant of the Beeb (I note that, following Guto Harri, yet another BBC executive has made the easy transition to a government support job - will Gibb eventually follow the same path to a Murdoch company?) , or they would be calling for its privatisation. It's just that they do not want awkward facts to be presented.

I do agree with them over one of their assertions: the BBC does not give enough coverage to the nations's Commonwealth membership. In particular, one relies on social media or France 24 for news of the game-changing Liberal administration in Canada.

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