Saturday, 30 November 2019

Moans of an agent

Just when you think you have the first big weekend canvass sorted, the candidate has a sudden plumbing emergency, the sort of disaster that is likely to happen to happen in winter in Wales. The Westminster parliament in its wisdom decided to dissolve in November for an election which would not have been necessary if it had not previously decided needlessly to go to the country in 2017. The first December election since 1910 brings other difficulties. It is not easy to persuade helpers to come out in temperatures approaching those of the inside of a refrigerator, to canvass or even to deliver. There is always the threat of heavy precipitation (more likely to be rain and sleet than snow in these days of global warming) and Steven Phillips, the chief executive of Neath Port Talbot CBC and returning officer for Neath, has confirmed that he and his staff are keeping an eye on the long-range weather forecasts. Gritters are standing by but I trust that the fire brigade with its pumps is ready also.

Then there is, irrespective of the season, the perpetual worry of ones free electoral communications' appearance. Will the apparently very professional politically-orientated printing company get the leaflets to the Royal Mail in time for postal voters to see your message? Will the Royal Mail do its bit? Will the postal ballots go out early? As always, only the last question is answered and as usual in the affirmative. As usual, the other questions result in worry, worry, worry.

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