Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Ynys Môn selection

So wiser counsel has prevailed among the Llangefni Conservatives and the protests by Lib Dems among others have been heeded. The former Brecon MP Chris Davies, shown the door by his former constituents there because of his fraudulent expenses statements, will not stand in Ynys Môn after all. From the Remainer point of view, unless the Conservatives replace him at this late stage, the Brexit vote will not be as split as before.

Incidentally, can we not revert to the traditional Wenglish way of distinguishing between common names, by adding a suffix of occupation or characteristic? Liberal Democrats have an excellent MEP named Chris Davies, while Swansea and Gower have over the years fielded two different Chris Davieses as candidates. Before being elected in Brecon, the Tory Davies could have styled himself Chris Davies Auctioneer. He would be known hereafter as Chris Davies the Fiddle.

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