Tuesday, 5 November 2019

These barracks closures are wrong

So the Conservatives, one of whose selling points is defence of the realm, are going ahead with the illogical and damaging closures of Brecon and Cawdor barracks. This will leave an estimated 1% of the Ministry of Defence estate in Wales, which has regularly supplied servicemen and women above the average for the home countries. No assessment of the saving has been published, but I will bet that it is a tiny fraction of the money which is flowing out of the UK treasury for Trident and its replacement. Nor has there been an official assessment of the economic impact on Brecon.

The driver for the sale of Brecon Barracks is more likely to be its development potential. It is likely that more of the proceeds of building on this site will flow to middlemen than to the UK Treasury.

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Frank Little said...

This has implications for the Gurkhas also.