Friday, 10 October 2008

For those who share St David's enthusiasm for water

I have just picked up the following from Carwyn Edward's
"Wales and the World" newsletter. I pass it on without
further comment:


I am moving toward preparations for a Saint David's Day

I have contacted some of you about this already. I am
looking for crazy people willing to go wading in the
water to say a Saint David's Day prayer in the ocean
near Boston [Massaxhusetts] on Saint David's Day March
1st 2009. I have received some interest from people
connected with the Welsh Government, and from the
organizer for the National Saint David's Day Parade in
Cardiff, Wales. There are also people who may want to
do this other places such as Whitesands beach near
Saint David's Cathedral. Here is a link to a blog I
have created for this event. If you are interested
please check out the blog, and leave a comment. You
will find the information in both Welsh and English.
Scroll down if the Welsh doesn't make any sense to you.
The English is below it.

Check out

I am looking to create a list of those who want to
join me in the water on Saint David's Day. If you are
interested in being contacted as the plans develop, let
me know. I will be adding a list of those who want to
join me to the blog site. If you have a blog, or a
website send me that info, and I will add a link on the

Pastor Phil
The Gathering -
Salem, MA


Anonymous said...

Yo Frank, I've been to Salem, MA how cool is that!

Frank H Little said...

I bet you went there for the witch-burnings. ;-)

Anonymous said...

All to do with Ergot!