Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Women in public life

Tom Bodden in the Daily Post draws attention to the report by the independent Commissioner for Public Appointments, Janet Gaymer, that over three-quarters of the chairs of public bodies were male, although almost half the board members were women. (Could this be because many were placed with male ex-MPs making way for Blair Babes?)

One could also point to male domination of senior officer posts in Welsh local government.


Anonymous said...

Tell me Frank, why has the PI (performance indicator) for the number of women in senor positions within our 22 councils been taken off the WLGA performance tables?

Any idea what the %age is for NPT compaired to Lib Dem run LAs?

Frank H Little said...

The first looks like a rhetorical question, the second needs more time to research than I possess.

Anonymous said...

Figures from LGDU 2004/05

Newport 27.5
Denbighshire 27.3
Conwy 25.0
Flintshire 24.2
Cardiff 24.0
Monmouthshire 24.0
Blaenau Gwent 22.9
Vale of Glam 22.7
Gwynedd 21.1
Swansea 19.4
RCT 17.2
Merthyr Tydfil 16.2
Ceredigion 14.8
Powys 13.6
Carmarthenshire 12.9
Pembrokeshire 12.8
Torfaen 11.5
Bridgend 10.8
Caerphilly 9.7
Wrexham 9.1
Anglesey 8.7
Neath PT 7.7