Monday, 20 October 2008

Immigration: government inconsistency

I have occasionally pointed out (and been accused of racism because of it) that state-sponsored immigration to fill short-term needs more often than not leads to ethnic friction eventually. Political hypocrisy does not help. One recalls Enoch Powell inveighing against the adulteration of the British race by the introduction of workers from the Commonwealth - such as the nurses from the West Indies recruited a decade earlier by the Ministry of Health under one Enoch Powell.

When Phil Woolas announced that he was encouraging immigration from outside the EU then changed his mind, I started to work up a blog article. Then I found that Stumbling & Mumbling had nailed the government's inconsistencies much more neatly.

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Frank H Little said...

Chris Huhne's response was neat: "Mr Woolas has taken up more positions on immigration than someone in training with the Kama Sutra".