Thursday, 30 October 2008

Soaring numbers of data security breaches

You would have thought that the very public excoriation of HM Revenue and Customs would have made both government and commerce extra careful about the personal data they hold. But no! The information commissioner, Richard Thomas, has revealed that the number of data breaches reported to him had soared to 277 since HMRC lost those 25 million child benefit records in November 2007.

And these are just the cases which executives have admitted to.

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Anonymous said...

In the realm of risk, unmanaged possibilities become probabilities: These data breaches and thefts are due to a lagging business culture. As CIO, I'm always looking for ways to help my team, business teams, and ad hoc measures of various vendors, contractors and internal team members. A book that is required reading is "I.T. WARS: Managing the Business-Technology Weave in the New Millennium."
The author, David Scott, has an interview here that is a great exposure:
I like to pass along things that work, in the hope that good ideas continue to make their way to me.