Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Rôle played by Capita in Icelandic money pit

The Daily Mail reports that Sector Treasury Services, a subsidiary of New Labour's favourite outsourcing company, was an adviser to 250 local authority treasury departments and some 50 other public sector bodies.


Anonymous said...

Never mind about the Daily Mail Frank, what is the Daily Express going to lead on now that house prices have crashed!!!!!!!!!!

Frank H Little said...

You don't object to my taking gen from the Daily Mail, do you? You didn't raise any objections to my quoting from Times Online or the FT.

Sector Treasury Services themselves are discreet about which councils they are advising, unlike Capita itself which crowed about landing the Neath contract for payment services. (The party site posted about that in January 2008.)

Frank H Little said...

Some interesting comments are appearing on Peter Black's blog.

In particular, the former leader of Bridgend Council, Jeff Jones, who is now able to be both more open and more dispassionate about council governance, has some revelations.