Sunday, 12 October 2008

President closes conference

In her closing speech to the autumn conference of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Christine Humphreys stressed how successful our party's non-MCP, open door, approach had been in allowing women to lead in all areas.

In addition to herself as president, and Jo Foster as chief executive, we will, by Christmas have a woman as leader. The only declared candidates are Jenny Randerson and Kirsty Williams.

Nor did one have to be a pit bull with lipstick, she went on. I was waiting for the contrast between an American hockey mom and a Welsh county hockey player (Eleanor Burnham) but it didn't come. :-) (Eleanor has pledged her support to Jenny in the leadership race.)

But it was time to turn to disenfranchised minorities. Christine singled out Welsh speakers, who had been swept up by Plaid but who were now being let down by the Plaid-Labour government in Cardiff. Worst of all, children travelling to Welsh-medium schools by bus were discriminated against by having to pay; English-speakers had free bus travel.

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