Friday, 12 June 2009

Balanced view of MPs' expenses

Thanks to Liberal Voice for pointing out this letter from the Evening Post in Bristol:

AMID all the hubbub created by the Daily Telegraph and MPs' expenses, a few facts stand out.

1. A small number of MPs seem to have done something that is a matter for the police and the courts.

2. A larger number of MPs, but still a minority, have done things that are surely not illegal but are to their shame. Their constituents will pass judgment if they dare stand again for election.

3. Some of the MPs named have clearly done nothing wrong or have made a small mistake that has been grossly exaggerated. They deserve an apology from the Telegraph.

4. The majority of MPs have not even been accused of anything, yet seven per cent of people in a recent poll thought all MPs were corrupt. Let us hope that none of those seven per cent ever stand for parliament – who would want them in charge of the justice system?

5. A significant minority of MPs has been campaigning for years to try to clean up MPs' expenses. They succeeded in stopping a backbencher's attempt to exempt MPs' expenses from Freedom of Information legislation. They deserve credit for their efforts.

There is a tendency for cynical people to think they are worldly wise, but they are not.

They are gullible, because they will believe anything bad. There are some in the media who seem determined to create cynicism about politicians. Ask yourself why.

Whatever the final outcome of this scandal, we cannot rebuild our parliament and government on cynicism and disrespect.

We need urgently to identify the honest MPs, regardless of party, and rebuild around them.

S Harvey, Hambrook, Bristol.

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Anonymous said...

How about.....

6. 80% of those who vote, read either the Daily Express, The Mail or The Sun. No bloody wonder we've got BNP and UKIP members elected to the European Parliment!