Monday, 22 June 2009

Neath Port Talbot housing transfer

Chairman Councillor Keith Davies has notified the Liberal Democrat group on the county borough council that, because of representations from constituents and after consultation with leading figures in Swansea, he has decided to join the "No" campaign in the run-up to the forthcoming ballot on transfer of the council's housing stock to a cooperative mutual corporation.

Since there is a disparity of views on the matter within our group, it is probable that we will officially maintain a neutral stance.

Personally, I remain persuaded that the authority will be in some financial difficulty if the stock transfer is not approved and am therefore hoping for a "Yes" vote. However, I am worried that the cabinet's heavy-handed approach - I heard again today of council staff being roped in as advocates of transfer, and that the road shows are not as even-handed as they should be - might have a counter-productive effect.


Anonymous said...

Quick point of interest here, who gets to vote on this stock transfer, the councillors, the officers, the Council tennants or the Council Tax payers or a combo of any of these groups?

Frank H Little said...

It's up to the council tenants, and them alone.