Saturday, 6 June 2009

Small shock in Port Talbot

BBC reports that there was a category 3 earthquake centred on Nantyfyllon in the Llynfi valley last night. The effects were felt all over Port Talbot, but, apart from a temporary dip in the radio signal round about that time (which may or may not have been connected) I was unaware on this side of Neath.

We're now looking forward to a larger shock in tomorrow's Euro count.


Anonymous said...

So....the earth didn't move for you, it did for us!

Frank H Little said...

A message from Maesteg, presumably.

Frank H Little said...

Well, there was something of a shock in the closeness of the battle for third place between UKIP and the Conservatives.

In the Department of Small Mercies, Liberal Democrats edged BNP out of fifth place in both Neath and Aberavon.