Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Who's next at the Liberty?

The deed was finally done yesterday, when Roberto Martinez signed on the dotted line for Wigan Athletic. Chairman Huw Jenkins has confirmed that the board has drawn up a shortlist of around half-a-dozen for the succession as manager of Swansea City.

CEEFAX reports that Gary Speed, Aidy Boothroyd and Paul Tisdale are on the list, but there is no confirmation from the club. I know who I would prefer, but will not name him for fear of putting the mockers on him. What I would say is that the new manager needs to be able to organise the defence. This is not a criticism of the quality of the players, but there have been times when the Swans have been undone in matches they should have won or at least held. Nor is it to say that the marvellous positive passing game should be abandoned.

Huw Jenkins should be praised for not being drawn into a public slanging-match over his clearly tough negotiations over compensation for all the managerial team which is moving to Wigan.

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