Monday, 1 June 2009

MPs: code of conduct & recalls

Jonathan Calder has some interesting thoughts on a hot topic. In particular:

"The BBC report says:
The new code of conduct would be written into the Constitutional Renewal Bill, due to be brought before Parliament later this year.

It is thought likely to include minimum service commitments to constituents, with those who break it facing possible fine or even ejection from their seats.
"This stands things on their head. It is not the government's job to hold MPs to account. It is MPs' job to hold the government to account.

"Equally, if constituents believe their MP is not adequate level of service then they are at liberty to throw him out at the next election. Besides, what is an adequate "service commitment"? It is highly arguable that most modern MPs are too weighed down with casework to keep a close enough watch on the executive.

"The importation of codes of conduct and "standards" boards into local government has done nothing to increase respect for local councillors, who now seem to be treated - and behave - like schoolchildren. Reporting councillors from other parties for trivial offences now seems to be one of their chief occupations."

Councils, including community councils, in Neath Port Talbot are not immune from this sort of thing.

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