Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Bread-and-butter issues

It has been clear for some time that people in Wales are far more concerned about issues in the general election that affect them immediately rather than the longer-term effects of leaving the EU. That also came out in a series of interviews Michael Crick did recently for Channel 4 News in a northern English working-class constituency which Mrs May is targeting. Nobody whom Crick spoke to spontaneously raised the subject of Brexit.

Now it seems that the subject has slipped down the agenda of those arch-Remainers in Greater London. In this piece by Jonathan Calder, Vince Cable

suggests that Brexit is no longer the main concern of voters as they focus more on bread-and-butter issues like health and education.

As to the main subject of Jonathan Calder's posting, there may well be a new party after the general election, but unless it takes more than one "big beast" from established parties together with most of the thousands who joined the Liberal Democrats its long-term future will be as a niche organisation like the Women's Equality Party or UKIP.

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