Friday, 26 May 2017

Manchester Arena and the House of Saud

Patrick Cockburn in the online Independent and print i spells it out. I was on the right track in pointing out the Abedi family's history as jihadist opponents of Gaddafi but the roots turn out to be in the deeply reactionary (and significantly for the Manchester Arena and Paris Bataclan atrocities, misogynistic) Islamic sect which dominates Saudi Arabia.

Jeremy Corbyn may have a point in drawing attention to the effect that invasions of predominantly Muslim countries have on the perception of UK and US governments with ordinary Muslims. However, he is wrong to link the particular suicide bombing which is at the forefront of our minds to the Iraq adventure.

It is similarly wrong of UKIP to blame Theresa May for this terrorist act. They should look to Kenneth Clarke or Michael Howard who were Home Secretaries in the period when the Salafist Abedi family was given right to remain in England.

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