Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Victimhood and other PPB ploys

Vaughan Roderick does not give much for the Nationalists' chances in the general election. The masochistic party political TV broadcast I caught will not help. The terms "playing the martyr" and "Romans in Britain" came to mind.

I have, more by luck than judgment, missed most of the PPBs so far. I gather that the main Liberal Democrat one has been repeated so many times that it sends people to sleep, and that the Welsh party has not had enough shekels to produce its own. So I am glad I have missed that. The UKIP one on Channel 4 caught me unaware before I could find the remote control. It featured lots of hands with leaflets going through doors. They cannot have been real doors, because there was not a set of dog's teeth in sight. Or is the message that dangerous dogs are on UKIP's side?

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