Friday, 5 May 2017

Further civilising strides by Canada's ruling Liberals

Liberal Democrat International reports:

Legalising marijuana will make Canadians safer, insists PM Trudeau
Thursday 4 May 2017 17:05
As the Canadian government moves to legalise marijuana, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC – LI full member) and Prime Minster, Justin Trudeau, has given a candid interview setting out how the shift in drug policy might bring about a fundamental change in Canadian society. Addressing the Canadian public’s questions and concerns regarding his plan to legalise production, distribution, and use of recreational marijuana, the Liberal prime minister said: “Convincing me to move towards legalisation was very much done on a policy basis; the fact that the current approach is not working, it’s hurting Canadians, it’s funding criminals and we have to make a change in our policy.”

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Recognising that adults in Canada are making the choice to are making the choice to use marijuana, Mr Trudeau added that “criminal organisations are making billions of dollars a year on that trade means that somewhere our system is failing… to keep Canadian safe.”
Referring to the counter-arguments to his policy in countries such as the United States of America, Justin Trudeau concluded “we see states like Colorado move forward with a commercial mind-set…  whereas we are approaching it purely from a health and safety standpoint.“

The full interview with Prime Minister Trudeau can be watched here.

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