Monday, 22 May 2017

Welsh looked-after children fostered out of area

A BBC investigation has found that 131 children from Wales are currently in care placements outside the country. There is a helpful map on the BBC's web pages. One should also take into account the number of children placed away from their home area within Wales.

Jennie Welham, from Action for Children, pointed out that sometimes the placements were for good reasons if, for example, the child would be living with relatives, which she said was "preferable for identity purposes".

However, "As a child, if you're placed out of an area, out of Wales in particular, away from your family, your community, your school, your friends, activities you might have been doing, it's a big deal. Children find themselves in a strange environment, a different culture, so it's not only that you might lose your home, you lose everything that goes with it."

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