Monday, 29 May 2017

Mrs May's Millwall strategy is working for her

The hard-core supporters of Millwall FC, who had a reputation for hooliganism beyond even that of the Chelsea Shed, used to chant: "No-one likes us, but we don't care."  Mrs May, who is keen to take us out of the EU and whose long-term aim is to abrogate the European Convention on Human Rights, has now lost the UK the friendship of Germany, the most economically successful country in Europe and probably its most democratic. Holding hands with Donald J Trump is insufficient compensation.

I am not the only one to be struck by the Millwall parallel in this strand of modern Conservatism. Former chairman of the Conservative party, the last governor of Hong Kong and ally of John Major, Chris Patten, expressed it in an interview for the New Statesman.

What of the football club? Well, having shaken off its past reputation for violence, Millwall has just struggled back into the second tier of English football.

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